The CPD Academy is an online learning platform for avid learners of all backgrounds, with a variety of classes  academic subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, to other engaging topics such as cooking and baking, personal productivity, finance, data analytics, and more. The Academy gives learners the unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth via streamed video lessons with experienced and independent instructors. Our lessons are engaging, fun and self-directed, and our instructors are passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals.
Join us as an instructor at the Academy and teach the subjects and skills you love to learners!
Join us as a learner to start your self-development journey, discover what you love, learn new skills and pursue your passions at the Academy!

Benefits of online lessons for learners:

• Visual stimulation along with media rich audio for lesson videos
• Convenience of watching the lesson videos at your own time, pace and place
• Greater flexibility of schedule
• Access and complete the courses, assignments and other learning materials all in one portal
• A great alternative to improve in your subject knowledge
• Learn faster with extra resources
• Help improve your understanding as you learn from dedicated instructors
• Receive answers to your questions to improve your overall performance
• Saves time and money as you learn from the comfort of your home